What we do - update July 2011


The Patrick Evans Foundation was set up a year and a half ago to help those suffering from illness or disease, to support those dealing with bereavement or loss, to create healthy sporting opportunities for young people and promote the awareness of safety in sport. With the support of our generous friends and family, we are proud that in such a short period of time we are able to undertake the following significant projects which we believe will make considerable differences to people’s lives.

Kidney Disease

We are in the process of buying a machine to help with kidney research. Patrick himself suffered from a mild form of kidney disease and we saw this as an under researched area that would benefit from our support.
The Nanodrop Spectrophotometer machine will help to research the causes of kidney disease, how to prevent and slow down kidney disease, the link between kidney injury and disease, why some people reject transplanted kidneys and also to help find kidney donors.
We hope that the Patrick Evans Foundation Nanodrop Spectrophotometer machine will be in place and helping to improve and save lives within the next few weeks.
Prostate Cancer
Patrick was a keen supporter of prostate cancer charities and we wanted to carry on his attempts to increase awareness of prostate cancer and to do something positive to improve the outcome for prostate cancer sufferers.
We are going to fund a research fellowship into the bio markers for prostate cancer. We hope that this will take place in September.
Sarcoma Cancers
Patrick’s cousin who last year cycled across France in aid of The Patrick Evans Foundation, suffered from a sarcoma cancer. Patrick was a great supporter of his cousin through his illness and we thought it would be appropriate to try and benefit this cancer charity if we could.
One of the most concerning aspects of this disease is misdiagnosis. For this reason we plan to help fund a campaign to improve the awareness of G.P’s of sarcoma cancers. This campaign is set to take place within the next few months.
Sports Equipment
Patrick was an avid sportsman who enjoyed watching and playing sports of all kinds. For this reason we would like to be able to improve sporting facilities for some underprivileged children. Patrick’s brother and many of his friends took part in an exchange with a school in Tanzania. There are still significant ties with this area in Africa including ‘William’s House’ which is a home being set up for children with special needs in memory of a friend of Patrick’s who tragically died. We are hoping to be able to supply sporting equipment for this home, possibly in the form of volley ball and practice nets. We are also hoping to supply a school in the area with footballs and sportswear. Negotiations for this equipment are in the early stages.
Last autumn two of Patrick’s best friends ran the New York Marathon for ‘The Patrick Evans Foundation’. They both said that this was the hardest thing that they had ever done! Following this marathon The Foundation made a donation to Greenhouse. Greenhouse is a charity that empowers young people in London’s disadvantaged communities to realise their potential through high quality, intensive sport and dance programmes delivered by inspirational coaches. We felt that this was an appropriate area to make our first significant donation.
Once again we'd like to thank all our supporters for their constant generosity and participation which allows us to move these projects forward, and in turn help those who need it most.

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