Sydney Marathon 2011


On September 18th 2011 Chris Tellett will be running the Sydney Marathon for Patrick. This is the first time he has ever attempted anything like this and is hoping to raise a minimum of 1200 for the Patrick Evans foundation.

ChrisChris met Patrick on their first night at University, when they met in Bar One (the bar near their halls of residence). The story goes that Chris walked into the gents and heard someone singing songs about Tottenham, something that he as a die-hard Arsenal fan could  certainly not ignore. Chris responded with Arsenal songs; the Spurs singer was Patrick.

After a good couple of minutes of a Arsenal v Tottenham sing off they started chatting (still in the gents at this point), and then decided to move to a more civilised venue, went out to the bar for a beer, and the rest is history.

Chris and Patrick had plenty of momentous times watching Arsenal v Tottenham games, and had deep debates about football in many of Birmingham's drinking holes in the early hours of the morning.

Five years on and still up for a challenge - though outside of the washrooms this time - Chris is taking on the Sydney marathon in Patrick's memory: "He really was a genuine top bloke and is sadly missed. I hope I can make him proud and raise as much money for this great cause as possible!"

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