London Marathon 2016


About 10 months ago a group of ladies from Reigate decided it would be a bit of a giggle to enter the London Marathon on 24th April 2016. They all dutifully sent off their application forms to be entered in to the ballot, October 2015 came and they waited in anticipation to see if they had been given a place………

...and Steph Edwards did!

We're delighted that Steph has chosen to run her marathon on behalf of the Patrick Evans Foundation. Her training is already well on track and we're glad to hear that she has been receiving a huge amount of support and encouragement from her ladies running club in Redhill. 

Steph is a friend of Patrick's mum Catherine and said that she was keen to help to Foundation through her run:

"The Foundation raises money for lots of worthy causes, however, what touched me most was that they try and help those through bereavement and, having lost my Dad on 1st April 1990, 26 years ago today, I couldn’t think of a better way to remember him. If I had been able to access this support network all of those years ago, it would have made life a little easier for me and my sisters.

"I appreciate that we all get so many requests for sponsorship, all of the time, and I completely understand if you are unable to sponsor me but, if you are watching the Marathon on Sunday 24th April, please say a little prayer that I will get to the finish line……"

Steph has set up a fundraising page at Justgiving and you can donate to support her here